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Found 5 results

  1. JKxGT

    Lythium Hearts and Minds

    As of 2/4/19, these are the bare minimum mods on the server. Lythium Hearts and Minds.html
  2. As a small community we need to find the best time to join the server. If we have a set time to join then we as a community know when others will be on! Please
  3. Law Enforcement Butcher Fisherman Miner Journalist Mechanic Taxi Real estate agent Medical Services Security Pizza delivery Park-Ranger
  4. bread water weed pouch of weed coke pouch of coke meth pouch of meth opium pouch of opium alive chicken slaughtered chicken packaged chicken fish stone washed stone copper iron gold diamond wood cut wood packaged plank gas refined oil essence wool fabric cloth gas bottle repair tools tools beer bandage medkit pills lockpick vodka coffee rhum whisky tequila martini soda ice tea energy drink limonade Jägerbomb burger taco meat vegetables flashlight grip binoculars black berry armor cigarette gym membership protein shake powerade Much more than this list, though to give an idea on how many items you can come by in your inventory!
  5. WHAT'S NEW Our server has a brand new look! It's more fun and easy to use, so you can spend less time hunting and more time with friends. No more boring loading screen, now while load in your able to view the loading progress bars with music from 20 different songs! Transformation happened to Sandy fire station with 4 bays and a new heli pad. Nowhere road car dealer has come to life. Map update to GUI ( Game User Interface ) Now your able to see the roads and buildings with greater detail.

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