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Official Apology to BladeNode Federation

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Hello everyone if you don't know me then Hi I'm Alyzza I'm an ex-Co-Owner for BladeNode Federation


Why I'm here: I'm here for what the title says and the only reason why I'm here.


Official Apology: I wanted to apologize to all the staff members and mainly to PhoenixWolf for what I have done I'm here to put our crappy past behind us, all I want to do is just have stuff like we use to back 2-4 months ago and its sad that I did something like I did, as I'm now 25. I realize what I did wrong and its time for a change. I don't want any issues for my past, I'm looking forward to everyone's opinion on this subject sorry for what happened I really am, lets put the past behind us and move on, if the management of BladeNode decides that I'm not welcome then I have no issue with it, This is my way of saying Sorry.


Request: I'm making an official requestion to rejoin BladeNode Federation or BladeNode.org.


Bon voyage, Alyzza

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I will put your request in tonight's meeting.  I forgave you long ago, but you know that. Thank you for taking the time to submit this apology. It shows that you have a better frame of mind. 

Thank You


BladeNode Gaming Community

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