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Sir Stone

Trial mod expectations

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Sir Stone

Welcome trial mods, in this forum I will be discussing just what is expected of you during your trial time. During your trial time you will be under a watchful eye, so please act in a professional way to represent Bladenode Federation in a higher light.

During this time it is highly recommended that you make yourself as public as possible. I'm talking go into lobbies with players in it and see if all is going well, don't annoy the players/members but make sure everything's running smoothly. If you have or don't have lobbies to hangout in just sit in the available staff lounge to be available if needed.

As for dealing with disputes or reports please make sure you have a moderator of administrator with you. As for the moderator or administrator please let the trial moderator take the lead on the issue and interject when you feel its needed and after the situation is dealt with please talk to the trial moderator on the situation and give them how you think they did overall.

Thank you

-Sir Stone

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